Mens League




Participants must be a Pine Hills Member or a guest in good standing.

RCGA Rules of golf and its Decisions and, where applicable, Local Rules and Conditions, shall govern all play. Unless otherwise stated. Men’s League is considered a tournament and the rules of golf should be followed as such.

Team captains are responsible for non-members guest fee

On a 2nd instance of non-compliance to the above the team will forfeit their men’s league privileges and will be placed on the wait list.

Entry Fee is $400 a team.

It is the responsibility of the team captain to educate other team members on the formats of Men’s League.


  • Playoffs will be made up of the top 8 teams.
  • The format for all playoff games will be 2-man best ball – match play. If the teams are tied after 9 holes another 9-hole match must be scheduled prior to the next playoff round. If teams are still tied 2 players from each team will play sudden death.

Weather Policy

After reviewing the daily weather forecast it will be at the discretion of the Golf Op’s Committee in cooperation with the Course Superintendent to decide if Men’s League is to be cancelled.
A decision to cancel or play will be made by 4:30 pm and will be emailed to our database and posted on Social Media.
If, due to weather conditions the players are not able to complete their Men’s League Round. Any scores for that round will not be used in the Men’s League competition.


NOTE: The responsibility to turn in the scorecard lies solely with the players in the group. If a scorecard is NOT turned into the Pro Shop following play on Tuesday, the scores will NOT be included in the scoring. The onus is NOT on the Pro Shop staff, or Golf Op’s committee to retrieve cards so PLEASE turn them into the Pro Shop following play.


  • All scorecards are to be returned to the Pro Shop following play.
  • Scorecards MUST include the following information:
    • FIRST and LAST name PRINTED on the scorecard of each player.
    • Attested scores as prizes are being awarded based on the scorecards.
    • Legible numbers.
  • Any team not returning a scorecard will receive NO POINTS.
  • Any team returning an incomplete scorecard will receive NO POINTS.

Men’s League Handicaps

Participants will use established Golf Canada Handicaps

NOTE: Team members and guests must have an up to date Golf Canada Handicap (either Gold or Bronze) with all scores from Men’s League entered in to the Golf Canada website between League Nights. (Failure to comply with this rule will result in a deduction of team and individual points)