2019 Ladies Night May 13 - July 29


In 2019 Pine Hills will have multiple options for players.

We will offer 3 season long friendly games for ladies participating in Ladies’ Night.


  • Ladies’ Night will be a night of friendly fun golf and an opportunity to socialize and meet other ladies.
  • Participants must be a Pine Hills Member in good standing or a guest.
  • Entry fee is $300 (per team) $75 (per player).
  • Competition Schedule and Format:
  • Week 1 Team Scramble
    Week 2 Pink Lady
    Week 3 Fairway Floozy
    Week 4 Team Scramble
    Week 5 Team Mix Up (2 Person Scramble)
    Week 6 Fairway Floozy
    Week 7 Pink Lady
    Week 8 Ladies Choice
    Week 9 Fairway Floozy
    Week 10 Team Scramble

Scramble: This game is played with groups of 4 players. All drive a ball from the tee. The best drive is selected and all team members play their second shots from there. The best second shot is taken, all the team playing their second shots from that position. And so on, until the ball is holed. Each team member’s drive has to be used at least twice.

Pink Lady: This game has 4 players. A ball is designated at the beginning of the round to be the “Pink Lady” (the ball does not actually have to be pink). That ball rotates among players. For example, Player A uses it on the first hole, B on the second, C on the third, D on the fourth, then back to A on the fifth and so on. In this game, two scores per hole are added together for the team score. Here's the catch: One of those two scores must be from the player with the Pink Lady. So, on each hole the team score will be the score of the player with the designated ball, plus the lowest score of the other three players on the team. Points will be awarded according to low scores, and if the Pink Lady is lost, no points will be awarded.

Fairway Floozy: Fairway Floozy is a points side game while playing your own ball. While playing, if you hit the fairway with your first shot (tee shot) award yourself 6 points. Once you are finished the hole, subtract the amount of putts you had from your fairway points. For example, Player A hits the fairway = 6 points, 3 putts (Hole Points Total =3). Note for par 3s you awarded 6 points for hitting the green on your first shot (tee shot). If you miss a fairway with your first shot (or green on par 3) you will have negative points for the hole. The goal is to have the highest amount of points at the end of 9 holes. Please use the Fairway Floozy Scorecard to keep track of your points.

Weekly Prizes

An assortment of Hole Prizes each week.

Weather Policy

After reviewing the daily weather forecast it will be at the discretion of the Ladies’ Night Committee in cooperation with the Course Superintendent to decide if Ladies’ Night is to be cancelled.
A decision to cancel or will be made by 5:00 pm Ladies’ Night and posted on the Pine Hills Websites.

Hole in One

Any player of Ladies’ Night scoring a Hole-In-One will receive a $1000 cash prize.


  • All scorecards are to be returned to the Pro Shop following play.
  • Scorecards MUST include the following information:
    • FIRST and LAST name PRINTED on the scorecard of each player.
    • Attested scores as prizes are being awarded based on the scorecards.
    • Legible numbers.

    NOTE: The responsibility to turn in the scorecard lies solely with the players in the group. If a scorecard is NOT turned into the Pro Shop following play on Tuesday or Wednesday, the scores will NOT be included in the scoring. The onus is NOT on the Pro Shop staff, or men's league committee to retrieve cards so PLEASE turn them into the Pro Shop following play.

  • Any team not returning a scorecard will not be eligible for hidden hole prizes.